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Skip the N-Sale, Shop These Instead

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Ok you guys, I feel like I owe you all an apology. I got swept up in the excitement of the Nordstrom Sale and tbh, I was v disappointed when my order came in. I ended up returning 99% of what I got because 1. even with the sale prices, I spent more on items than I normally would and 2. the quality just wasn't there.

I've never been a big fan of this sale, I've always suspected it was a bit of a gimmick, and while I'm sure there are decent deals to be found, it seemed WAY to difficult to sniff them out for a sale with this much hype.

SO, I decided to put on my sale hunting boots and scope out some other sales that are happening right now that in my opinion, are WAY better. The flip side of all the hype the N-sale gets is that so many stores mark down their own merchandise to try to coax you back to them, and honestly, I'm here for it. I'm thinking of making this an annual thing.

The main draw of the N-Sale is that it's all merchandise for the upcoming fall season. Sweaters and booties and denim are big sellers so I rounded up some good options, that are on trend with what I'm seeing at Nordstrom but in my opinion better options because you won't be wearing the EXACT SAME THING as every person on Instagram.

Warning, I found A LOT of good deals, so tread lightly.


Extra 30% off all sale items!

Their home decor was where I hit the jackpot but they also had a ton of great fashion items as well so I wanted to update this post and add them in!


A lot of the trends that I saw at the N-sale are showing up at H&M too at a much more affordable price! I picked up a great quality denim jacket for $30 and a few other pieces that will transition into fall perfectly! They've also just added TONS of items to their sale section!


20% off Everything w/ code YAYSUMMER

Some of the big shoe trends from the N-sale this year were snakeskin, heeled booties, and loafers. Ya'll know I love DSW because they have so many on trend items items at great prices but you don't want to miss this extra site wide discount! I also included some great sneakers that very rarely go on sale and some sandals because summers not over yet!


Tons of styles up to 70% off!

Mango is one of my fave places to get really cool, great quality pieces. If you were eyeing the $60 Topshop Faux Leather Jacket during the N-sale, get this one instead. It's much better quality and a better price! They've got toooons of great items on sale including plenty of fall merchandise including jackets and booties.

American Eagle

25% off site wide and BOGO Free Leggings!

I obvs snagged a couple sets of my fave affordable leggings as well as some other comfy items like these brallettes which are AMAZE and only $25 right now!


30% off $150 w/ code 14985

50% off denim

I love Abercrombie for affordable basics that are good quality and on trend!

Free People just added a ton of items to their sale section including a ton of great graphic tees! I always like to stock up when they go on sale because there's so many ways to wear them and they're obvs super comfy!


Extra 30% off Sale Items

I know I've already mentioned this sale but its STILL going on and its STILL amazing. There are so many great shoes and bags + tons of cute items!

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