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Home Birth Prep Guide

We're getting real close guys! I hit the 37 week mark a couple days ago. How is pregnancy sooooooo long and yet I feel like it flew by!?

I'm trying to be better prepared this time around. When I had Ella things felt a little last minute and chaotic so I set a goal to have all my shopping and prepping done by 37 weeks and it looks like I'm gonna make it! I've even got most of the baby gear that we needed (check that guide HERE)!

Now as you know, we're planning a home birth and I've been asked a few times if it's because of the current "pandemic" situation that we're in and actually, this was always the plan. I LOVED my home birth with Ella and tbh I can't wait to do it again! I feel like an athlete getting ready for a big game! LETS DO THIS THING ALREADY!

Typically, your midwife will have purchase a "birth kit" that they've curated through a specialty company (This will include everything that you'll need that a hospital would have on hand) and then give you a list of extra items that you'll want to have to make labor and clean up as easy and comfortable as possible.

I decided to put this shopping guide together for that "extras" list because it took me a while to source everything so I thought I could make life easier for you by putting it all in one place. I also added a few things of my own that I want to have on hand.

A few other things you'll want to check off your list:

  • Clean your bathrooms! I spent a good amount of time laboring in the bathroom with Ella and I wish I had spent the time to give it a good deep clean before hand!

  • Wash all towels, sheets, blankets and newborn clothes before the big day! Branch Basics is my fave baby safe nontoxic laundry detergent. Bonus, it cleans everything else in your house too + is totally non toxic! Use THIS LINK to get $10 off!

  • You'll want to have food for labor and immediate postpartum: some ideas are Coconut water (or gatorade), juice, yogurt, fruit, soup, toast, ect. Things that will be easy to snack on and will keep your energy up. I may be extra and make myself a full on charcuterie board ;)

  • Have plenty of coffee / snacks for your birth team too! It will be much appreciated especially if you're laboring late at night!

  • Pack an overnight bag with your essentials and make sure your car seat is properly installed just in case of a hospital transfer.

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