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Realistic Goals You Should Set for 2019

Updated: May 6, 2019

I honestly can't believe another year has come and gone! You think people are being cliche when they say it goes by in a blink but dang they're not kidding! This has been a huge year for our family! We bought and started renovating a house, - I seriously cannot wait to share an update on here! We traveled a lot and spent a ton of time with our families!

I've got a lot of goals and resolutions for this year. A lot of them are for this blog and several of them are for my new Beautycounter business, but I thought I'd share with you some of my personal goals that I'm making that I believe you can realistically make too!

1. Step out of your comfort zone when it comes to style:

I tend to play it safe when I'm putting outfits together. I typically lean towards casual looks, neutral colors, and I own about 30 white shirts.

My goal for the year is to wear the things that I love regardless of whether or not they're practical. Life is too short to not wear the things that you love so I encourage you to rock that sparkly blazer, or work that glamorous dress and find ways to blend them into your style!

2. Stop speaking negative thoughts over your life:

There is actual scientific evidence that the things that you say and think about yourself will actually come true. I joke often about the fact that this mom life is crazy and busy but this year I'm deciding to control the chaos and it has to start inside my head. What you speak is what you will be so make the resolution that this year you won't stumble from one kid's activity to the next. Believe it and it can happen!

3. Cultivate deeper friendships:

Get past the starter phase and the small talk. Put yourself out there and for goodness sake - TEXT THEM BACK! I'm of course speaking to myself here because I'm legit the WORST at keeping up with people. I complain that I'm lonely and then I realize that it's been weeks since I even reached out to the people around me. If that's you too stop it! You are in control of the friendships that you have but you have to push through the awkward phase to get to the good stuff!

4. Take better care of yourself:

I'm pretty sure this one is one every single persons "resolutions" list but I want to give you some practical and specific ways to make it happen:

  • Get into a fitness routine - I have started going to High Intensity Pilates three days a week and it has been a game changer! Everything from how I feel about my body to my mind and health have completely shifted! I had no idea how much of an impact staying active would actually make for me!

  • Make time to be alone - As a mom I feel like I'm constantly being pulled and poked and climbed on. I desperately need time out of the house by myself whether it's sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a HOT latte or wandering the aisles of TJmaxx and actually trying on clothes without a toddler trying to crawl under the doors. Make time to rest and recharge. I promise you'll be a better mom for it.

  • Invest in better personal care products - This was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Eliminating toxins and harmful ingredients from my makeup and skincare not only helped me to clear up my skin and gave me a boost of self confidence, It gave me peace of mind knowing that the products that I'm using on myself and my family are 100% safe!

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