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LA Travel Recap

So a few months ago Joe and I took a trip out to L.A. for a kid free getaway! It was the first time we had been without Ella since she had been born so we wanted to make the most of our time! I asked everyone I knew where the best places to eat were because that's honestly the MOST important thing to me! Anyways we took some fun pictures and I'm only now getting around to doing this post because things have been INSANE!

That being said we had the most amazing time so I wanted to share with you some of our favorite places that we went!

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo and it was beyond amazing! It was so central that we were able to walk almost anywhere! The rooms were equipped with a Nespresso machine (heaven!) and complimentary water bottles which, in my opinion is an absolute must for a hotel. It's always amazing to get back after a long day in the sun and have cold water waiting for you! Everything from the furniture to the decor to the bedding was the definition of luxury, and to be honest, the rooms were totally affordable!

Can we talk about this bathroom tile for a second? AMAZE.

Since we were kid free we spent one evening at the hotel bar and we had the BEST time! The bartenders were incredibly friendly and the drinks were delish and again, relatively affordable! I was having way too much fun to stop and take photos but I assure you, the cocktails were totally Instagram worthy!

This was on of our favorite areas! It's an epicenter full of great shopping and amazing restaurants! Our favorite stop was by far LOQUI tacos. They have handmade tortillas and the beef tacos are legit amazing. Thanks to The Finch Nest Blog for the recommendation!

We also loved Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. They had a vegan Earl Grey Tea Ice cream that was bomb - and i'm not even vegan.

We had lunch more than once at this cute little cafe out in Burbank. They make everything in house from scratch, the salads are big enough to share, and they have a bacon grilled cheese that is to die for! They also serve a great latte!

This is a must visit brunch spot if you're visiting L.A. but be prepared to wait in line. They have been open 24 hours a day for 90 years and they have the BEST pancakes I've ever eaten! We sat at the bar and let me tell you watching these guys cook was INSANE! They never stop moving!

Hollywood Sign

You can't go to L.A. without making the hike at least once. We were lazy and didn't actually hike all the way up to the sign but we had a fun time and the whole thing took about 45 minutes!

We stumbled upon these cuties one day after we got majorly lost and ended up spending hours wandering through the cutest little shop! Then we walked down the street and found this amazing ice cream shop! It ended up being one of our favorite days!

Watch the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier

This was of course on our to-do list and it was every bit as breathtaking as I had hoped. The mountians, ocean and colors came together to look like a painting and I was 100% in love with every second of it!

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