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Trip Recap: Salt Lake City

Ya'll. I am 28. I feel like that makes me a real AF adult but then again I still don't totally understand how my dental insurance works so maybe not. I'm one of those people that celebrates my birthday all week so when Joe got scheduled for a job out in Salt Lake City, Ella and I decided to tag along and stay through the weekend!

It was my first time there and usually I go Pinterest crazy before a trip to a new city but because almost every single influencer that I follow on IG lives in SLC i felt like I knew the place already. We ended up just hanging out at the hotel for a lot of the time which was such a nice break from everything that has been going on!

We stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco which was perfect because it's was so central! We were able to walk just about everywhere and they also have cute little bikes that you can borrow! The hotel itself is inside this incredible historic building from the 1860's, and the decor is a gorgeous blend of classic and modern pieces. Everyone was so welcoming and we felt like we were staying at a sweet B&B instead of a national hotel chain! Their restaurant, Bambara is one of the few in the city open for Sunday brunch and let me tell you, it was incredible! The Beef Short Rib Hash was to die for! It's always a nice surprise when the hotel restaurant actually has amazing food especially since it was right downstairs!

We spent a day exploring the city center and then we drove out to a few local boutiques that I follow on IG and wanted to see in person! Arte Haus Colectif was one of my faves. They have an amazing blend of items from local makers including the sweetest wooden toys!

We grabbed a late breakfast at The Daily Cafe twice during our weekend stay and it was amaze and affordable! Their oat milk lattes are EVERYTHING and the food was so fresh and delicious!

Arte Haus Collectif

The Daily Cafe

Our last day we drove out to Antelope Island and even though it was incredibly windy and raining it was so beautiful! It felt like the beach just went on forever! I would recommend waiting for nicer weather but it's definitely a must see! I'm always so amazed when you can see so much of God's creation is just one view. It's breathtaking!

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