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5 Tips for Scoring the Best Deals on ThredUP

Some of you are aware of my obsession with thrifting. Like, it's a little bit intense. My mama taught me how to find the good stuff at Goodwill and that was a life long skill that I carried into adulthood.

Now, I don't know how to change a tire or cook a lasagna from scratch, but I can find designer items for a fraction of their retail value, so who's the real winner here?

The beauty of buying second hand is not just that you're saving a TON of money, although that part is nice - especially if you have expensive taste like my annoying self, the real joy is the feeling you get when someone compliments your dress and you know that you only spent $8 on it.

The downside of thrifting is that it can be overwhelming and there's always a chance that you make the trip, search through aisles of junk, and come up empty handed. A lot of thrift stores also have a bit of a weird smell and some items that aren't in the best condition, so you have to figure out how to deal with those issues as well.

Enter ThredUP.

In the past they have been hit or miss for me, but when they reached out to me about joining their Summer Style Series I decided to give them a second look and guys, THEY HAVE STEPPED UP THIER GAME! Their selection is out of this world and they are constantly adding new finds! I also love that my items always show up in near perfect condition, freshly steamed and free of "the thrift store smell".

Online thrifting is the way of the future ya'll. It's like grocery delivery but instead of getting tomatoes you get a new (to you) Coach purse!

Anyways, here are you tips for navigating through the website to find the absolute best stuff!

1. Use Size Filters

The website has a TON of options and it can get overwhelming real fast. Cut out the clutter by eliminating everything that isn't in your size and it will instantly make your shopping experience better!

2. Search for Specific Brands

The tricky thing about online shopping is that you can't try things on before you buy (thank goodness for the super easy return policy). But you can use the search bar to find items from brands that you love and know your size in. My frequent searches are Madewell, Zara, and the nifty "All the Luxe" section which is full of authenticated designer items!

3. Go for the Good Stuff

Whether I'm thrifting online or in store I prefer to skip over items from stores like Target or Forever 21 because I know that I can find those things brand new for a relatively inexpensive price. If I'm shopping secondhand I like to score items from stores I wouldn't normally shop at like Anthropology or Madewell. Those are the items that make me giddy.

4. Add To Cart!

The good stuff goes fast you guys and there is typically only one of everything, I can't tell you how many times I've added something to my "favorites" and then gone back to purchase it and it's GONE. Now when I'm shopping and I need a minute to think about an item I always add it to my cart. Adding to your cart will save the item for 24 hours while you continue to shop or think about it before you buy it. Although, if you decide not to take if for yourself, remove it from your cart so someone else can snag it.

5. Check back often

They are adding new stuff constantly and like I said, the good stuff goes fast! I downloaded the ThredUP app on my phone and will check in regularly so I can be the first to see something as soon as it goes live!

So there you have it! All my best tips for getting the best deals on ThredUp! You guys better appreciate because I just gave up my edge and made it harder for myself to find all the best stuff! You're totally welcome.

Do you shop #secondhandfirst?? What's your favorite ever thrifted find!?

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