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Summer Must Haves

The temperatures have started rising, the sun is shining, and I’m already putting together my "lounging by the pool" playlist (by pool I mean the little plastic one in my backyard that we sit in to avoid our un-airconditioned house). Nothing makes me more excited about the changing of the seasons as adding putting away my coats and heavy moisturizers and pulling out my summer accessories!

I've curated just a few of the items i've already been reaching for over and over so that you can sit back, enjoy a glass of rose' and shop away!


I love the look of the clear

bags but I don't love that they

show everyone what I'm carrying

around so this one is a perfect balance!

It's good quality and about half the price of similar bags I've found!



These are the PERFECT shape for almost

every face! They are sturdy and they look

so chic! They're pricey but definitely worth

the spurge in my opinion since I've been wearing them every single day since broke down and bought them!



This is the ONLY deodorant that I have found that has clean ingredients and actually keeps me smelling fresh all day. Especially as the temperatures warm up I will be keeping this on hand.

Use code TABBILANE10 for

10% off your order!



This lightweight blazer is the perfect item to throw over a tee and shorts. I love the boxy shape and the khaki material and the button details are PERFECT!



I have worn this hat on repeat ever since I got it! It is the perfect shape to pair with dresses or jeans and it always makes me feel super cool. I also love how sturdy it is and I know that it will last a lifetime!



Typically we actually avoid sunscreen because the sun is our best source of Vitamin D, however, during the summer when we are spending long days in the pool or at the beach I bring out the SPF. Beautycounter is the ONLY sunscreen that I will use because it's totally free from harmful hormone disruptors and it smells AMAZING.



I avoided these like the plague because I saw every blogger and her mom wearing them but I picked up a pair for a steal and I have to say I see what all the fuss was about! I'm in love with them. They go with EVERYTHING and they're incredibly comfortable.

They do run a bit small so make sure you size up a 1/2 size!

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