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House Progress + Affordable Light Fixtures

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

We're moving along on our home renovations. The wood floors and in and all stained. The Baseboard have been delivered and just need to be painted & installed (wish me luck). Our kitchen has been designed & cabinets have been ordered. They should arrive next week! We also ordered new appliances (Thank you Lowes appliance sale) which will be delivered today and I purchased all of our light fixtures!

The vibe we are going for is Classic / Minimalistic / Luxe

One of the most important features of a home and often one of the most overlooked are the light fixtures. They can be incredibly expensive and so taste specific that it's really difficult please everyone so many people just choose the most basic ( i.e. boring) fixtures and call it a day.

Another difficulty I've found now that we're renovating an ENTIRE house is blending the fixtures throughout the rooms of the home without making them too matchy matchy. From chandeliers to wall sconces to pendants to lamps you want them to blend but having the exact same stye throughout can be a little much.

SO.. Here is what we went with:

Our floor plan is pretty open and our ceiling heights vary so I wanted fixtures that would draw the eye upwards and shape the vibe of the home. I'm going for a slightly more glamorous approach but I didn't want to go too formal.

I kept the flush mounts and sconce more minimalistic and kind of went for it with this acrylic crystal chandelier. I still need to see everything in person before I make the final decision but with any luck I'll love them once they arrive!

I went with classic shapes and I think the gold accents will blend perfectly with our walnut and marble midcentury table.

If this were our forever home I probably would have gone a little crazier but since this is technically a flip house I wanted to appeal to a wider home buyer audience while still having fun with it.

We will also add recessed lighting throughout the home and ceiling fans in the bedrooms.

Now, my biggest difficulty with lighting was finding fixtures that looked good together and matched the vibe I was going for so I thought I'd round up a few different collections depending on your design style!




All The Glam:

Until next time friends! Let me know if you use any of these combinations! I'd love to see what they look like in person!

Stay tuned for more home updates! Over the next few weeks we'll be installing the kitchen!

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